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Hand Making Charms for a Bracelet

Karen had a much-loved traditional charm bracelet, she had a few charms that she wanted added to it. Karen already had a high-heeled shoe, a wishbone and a cross in yellow gold. She wanted to add a couple of gemstone charms and was after some different looking stones.

After a chat with Louise over the phone Karen decided to send her bracelet to us. She isn’t local and couldn’t just pop in to see us. We worked closely with Karen by using video calls, photographs and messages to keep her updated and help her to make decisions.

Louise gathered some gemstones for her to have a look at. Karen was particularly interested in unusual blue, green and orange gemstones. We sent her videos of a selection of different gemstones.

These included a variety of orange sapphires. Also, blue, orange, green and watermelon tourmalines, and a selection of labradorites. As they chatted on the phone, they discussed the different gems and discounted the opal – Louise advised it was a bit too fragile for a charm. Karen wasn’t over keen on the fully faceted green quartz or the rutilated quartz.

Karen was keen to have contrasting colours of gemstones, she chose the brightest blue labradorite and decided on an orange sapphire to contrast with it. Karen fell in love with the large oval orange sapphire – this had the deepest colour.

Karen wanted to give her charm bracelet a more modern feel, she wanted all of her charms in the same place as her clasp, and not evenly spaced around – as a traditional charm bracelet would be. This would mean that they would all hang together at the bottom of her bracelet when she was wearing it.

Once Karen had chosen her labradorite, it was time to talk about the exact placement of her charms. Her wishbone and high-heeled shoe needed removing from their original position her bracelet. Karen wanted these two charms and her cross on one side of her padlock clasp, and her labradorite charm on the other side of her clasp.

We handmade a gold charm to fit around her chosen labradorite, we left the back open to show both sides of the stone, as the back was as beautiful as the front. The gold sides are curved to show off as much of this beautiful gemstone as possible.

Mark welded each charm into it’s new place on Karen’s bracelet.

You can see how modern Karen’s bracelet looks with the new placement of her charms. Karen decided to have her orange sapphire charm hung on the opposite side of her bracelet, she wanted it to sit on the top, as the weight of all of her other charms would mean they always hung at the bottom.

These two colours of gemstone look amazing together.

Karen decided to have a new, more modern clasp on her bracelet. She chose to have a lobster-style clasp put in place of her traditional padlock clasp.

With her orange sapphire charm in it’s correct place – on the opposite side of her bracelet, and a new clasp attached, the only think left to do was to upgrade her safety chain.

You can see the difference between her original paper-thin safety chain, and the thicker one Louise replaced it with.

The purpose of a safety chain is to ‘catch’ the bracelet if the clasp fails or if the bracelet gets caught and pulled – resulting in damage. The original safety chain was so thin that it would have broken before it ‘caught’ the bracelet. Karen now has a far more substantial safety chain.

After a good clean and polish, it was time to send Karen her upgraded bracelet back.

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