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Sentimental Family Gold and Old Cut Diamonds

Bee had some sentimental 18ct yellow gold and family diamonds. She had two rings and eight beautiful old cut diamonds. Bee wanted a new ring made using these, she wanted to turn her old gold into new jewellery.

This new ring was to be worn next to her wedding ring, her wedding ring is platinum. We discussed how she felt about mixing her metals together. Bee decided that she would like platinum settings for her old cut diamonds to match her wedding band. We would use her 18ct family gold to hand make the band for her ring.

During her design consultation with Louise, different manufacturing processes were discussed. Louise suggested the we could use CAD to make the settings for her diamonds and cast them in platinum. Bee thought this was a great idea because she could see photo-realistic images of her CAD design and make changes to it.

Casting her settings as one piece of platinum gives the strongest profile, because there isn’t solder holding the individual settings together.

You can see the old cut diamonds are more square in shape than modern day round cuts, they also have higher pavilion facets – the top half of the diamond, so they stand proud in their settings.

Bee wanted to incorporate the essence of an ocean wave into her design, this is important to her because her husband proposed on the beach! You can see the stone layout we initially discussed and the first CAD design we showed to Bee.

She wanted to bring her rows of diamonds closer together, her husband printed the original CAD, he cut and pasted the two halves together to illustrate exactly what Bee wanted. We were happy to adjust the CAD to exactly what she wanted.

You can see Bee’s freshly cast platinum, it is exactly the same as the final images she approved, what you see with CAD is exactly what you get in real life.

There is a slight texture to the surface of the platinum, this is left from the casting process. We needed to ‘clean up’ this platinum, it takes many hours for a Goldsmith to file, sandpaper, buff and polish platinum by hand to a high shine. Once this process was complete it was time to melt and roll her band.

We used all of Bee’s 18ct family gold for the band, this was melted back to an ingot and then hand rolled through our steel rollers to form the correct shape. Both of her precious metals were soldered together and then it was time to hallmark her piece. This ring has a full UK hallmark and both 18ct gold (750) and platinum (950) marks inside of it.

Our stone setter did an excellent job of setting her old cut diamonds into their new homes. It is a very skilful job to be able to set slightly square cut stones into round settings. Whilst these were made to measure settings that were designed to fit her diamonds, exactly ‘how’ the stone setter decides to set them can really bring the piece to life!

Bee was over the moon with her new creation!

Incorporating her 18ct family gold as the band, new platinum settings that were designed in CAD especially for her, and set with her sentimental diamonds. This fits with her wedding band perfectly!

It was such a joy to welcome Bee back to our Design Studio to collect her family heirloom!

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