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Resizing a Twist Diamond Ring

Here is how we resized a ring up to a larger finger size, and replaced a missing diamond.

Claire had this gold and diamond twist design ring, it had been cut off because it had become too small. She wanted it made bigger, to do this we needed to add a new gold section into her band, to increase the circumference of the ring.

Fingers change over time, if you feel your rings are getting too tight, its always better to remove them before they need cutting off. Louise can expertly and safely cut rings off in our Shaftesbury Design Studio, if needs be.

Claire had also lost a diamond from this ring, and wanted it replaced at the same time. This cut of diamond is called a Tapered Baguette; it’s wider on one end than the other. A traditional Baguette cut is rectangular in shape. Louise has cultivated longstanding relationships with UK based gemstone and diamond dealers, she sourced a matching diamond in the correct size.

To make a ring like this larger, a new piece of gold needs to added into the back of the band, a ring can’t be stretched if it has stones in it. You can see how Mark measured out the new gold section and ensured it fitted perfectly. He tac welded the new gold piece into place, this holds it securely in place for soldering.

The gold solder is placed over the joins and heated so it melts and runs into the spaces. Gold solder is hallmarked and comes up to the legal minimum percentage of gold – in this case 9ct or 37.5% pure gold, it is the alloy the gold is mixed with, that melts at a lower temperature than the ring. This means that the solder melts and flows into the gaps before the actual gold ring starts to melt. Now the extra gold piece needs filing and sandpapering to match the shape of the original gold band.

Mark then set her new diamond into place. These diamonds are channel set, it’s always a good idea to get channel set stones tightened up once per year.

Claires ring was buffed smooth and hand polished on the wheel to a high shine.

After a quick dip in the ultrasonic to remove the polish, it was ready for Claire to enjoy again!

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