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Refurbishing an Antique Diamond Ring

Carolyn’s ring is over 100 years old, it’s platinum and diamonds, it’s been loved and cherished and worn by generations of her family.

It was in need of a new shank – an entire new band. Carolyn was keen to keep the vintage-style scroll detail on the new platinum band. This new shank was created in CAD to match her old one, and then cast as one piece in platinum. You can see the difference in the thickness of the bands between the old and the new.

The old platinum band was cut from the diamond settings (head). The new platinum band needed ‘cleaning up’ and polishing – this is to remove the texture left on the metal from casting. You can see the difference between the newly cast platinum and the shine on the finished piece.

Our Steve used platinum solder to attach the new band to the old settings (head). Diamonds can withstand heat well so they could stay in place for this type of work. Some gemstones that are much softer, or don’t tolerate heat so well, need to be removed and then re-set after the soldering is complete.

Carolyn’s new band is deliberately oval in shape and not round. This is because Carolyn’s knuckles are larger than her fingers, and making the ring oval makes it slide on easier. Making a ring oval also helps to stop the ring from swinging around on her finger, once past her knuckle, because it helps to balance out the weight of the settings and diamonds.

This ring can now be worn by Carolyn everyday, and enjoyed by future family generations to come!

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