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Memorial Platinum Eternity Ring

Sam wanted a platinum eternity ring that carried the ashes of her Mum and Dad.

We created a CAD design for her, this was a seven stone eternity ring. There were two special recesses on the inside of her band, either side of her settings in the shoulders of her ring. These recesses are rectangular in shape, placing them high up in the shoulders of the ring, after the stone settings, means they will always sit between Sam’s fingers. This idea had huge sentimentality for Sam. It’s also a good place for the ring in terms of the overall structure (for example, its not a good idea to place these recesses on the bottom of the ring, where they will receive the most wear and tear.)

These recesses were for her parents ashes to go into. She wanted her mum on one side and her dad on the other. Plus some engraving to know which side each parent was on. Sam viewed her photo-realistic CAD images (above) and came to our Design Studio to try on a resin print – this ensured she was completely happy with the look and feel of her ring.

Her platinum ring was cast straight from her CAD file, two platinum lids for the inside of her band were cast at the same time. These were to be welded over the top of her parents ashes, to enclose them inside.

Platinum castings take a long time to polish to a high shine, it can take a whole day to ‘clean up’ and buff the platinum until it’s shiny. This uses different grades of very fine sandpaper, needle-point files and the polishing wheel.

You can see her row of seven claw settings, and the two special recesses for her parents ashes to go into. Sam wanted to know which parents ashes had been placed in which side. Before her recesses were filled, Stuart laser engraved D for Dad and M for Mum inside her band.

This ring was then sent to Birmingham Assay Office for hallmarking, it has full UK platinum hallmarks, including The Queen’s Jubilee Stamp from last year. After hallmarking and laser engraving, her ring was polished again as the laser can leave a rough edge.

Louise then respectfully hand placed her precious ashes into each recess. Sam had kept her parents ashes separate in different labelled pots, so it was easy to ensure that they were hand placed in the correct recess.

Finally her platinum lids were welded over the top, hiding her ashes inside. This is a beautiful way to create a memorial piece, should you not want to see your ashes, but you would like to know they are inside your precious metal. This technique can be applied to gold silver or platinum.

The next job was to hand set her sentimental stones. This is claw set with 7 of the stones from her late Mum’s 18ct gold full eternity.

This creation is a beautiful fusion of new platinum and sentimental family gemstones, secretly holding her parents ashes in its shoulders. Sam wears this everyday alongside her platinum engagement and wedding rings.

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