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Family Birthstones Ring

Penny came to our Shaftesbury Design Studio with her husband Dave to discuss having a family birthstone ring made. There are one, two or three different gemstones associated with each calendar month, so your birthstone is the gemstone of your choice from the associated selection.

  • January is Garnet and this comes in red, pink or green.
  • February is Amethyst that comes in three different shades of purple.
  • March is Aquamarine that comes in four different shades of sea blue/green.
  • April is Diamond, this is most popular in ‘white’ (colourless) but you can get diamonds in many different colours.
  • May is Emerald that comes in different shades of vivid green.
  • June is Pearl or Moonstone or Alexandrite, Pearls are often thought of as white, but can be cream or pink or grey or dyed vivid colours. Moonstone is white with a blue ‘moon’ inside of it. Alexandrite has the most amazing colour-change properties; it can look green/blue in daylight (natural light) or more red/purple in incandescent or candle light.
  • July is Ruby and this comes in different shades of red.
  • August is Peridot which is a bright lime green colour.
  • September is Sapphire, this comes in every colour except red – red is called ruby.
  • October is Opal or Tourmaline, Opals are mostly white with ‘flashes’ of green, blue, orange and red, Fire Opals are bright orange. Tourmaline comes in many different colours, the most popular being pink and green.
  • November is Topaz, this can be clear or golden in colour, and it also comes in three different shades of blue.
  • December is Turquoise or Tanzanite, Turquoise is a sea-green colour, and Tanzanite is a blue/purple colour.

Sadly, Penny had recently lost her father and she now wanted to incorporate four generations if her family into one ring.

With so many family members to include, Penny had lots of birthstones to choose from. Below is the selection she chose. Louise gathered a good selection of different birthstones for Penny to hand pick the ones she liked the best. Penny had different sizes to choose from as well. Hand picking each birthstone for each family member was a very special experience for Penny and Dave. Penny chose:

  • March – Aquamarine 4mm
  • April – Diamond 3mm
  • May – Emerald 4mm
  • May – Emerald 3mm
  • June – Alexandrite 4mm
  • July – Ruby 4mm
  • August – Peridot 4mm
  • August – Peridot 3mm
  • September – Sapphire 4mm
  • October – Pink Tourmaline 4mm
  • November – Golden Topaz 5mm
  • December – Tanzanite 3mm
  • December – Tanzanite 4mm

Penny wanted an organic ring designed and made, she wanted wavy bands winding their way around her finger. She wanted her birthstones set in a rubover setting, this is also called a bezel setting; it is where metal is ‘rubbed’ all of the way around the gemstone with a tool. This is done at the girdle – the widest part of the gemstone.

We created Penny’s design in CAD (Computer Aided Design) this is a powerful tool for designing jewellery in. We can produce photo-realistic images of each design, in the correct metal colour with the gemstones set in place. It also allows us to 3D print a wax to cast from, and a resin copy for our customers to view and try on before any precious metals are cast.

Penny made a few changes to her CAD design and her original gemstone selection, its okay to change your mind and make tweaks and changes to your CAD. You can see Penny’s freshly cast yellow gold above, this textured metal needs ‘cleaning up’ – filing, sandpapering and polishing to make the gold shine.

Once the gold is shining, its time to hallmark – we use Birmingham Assay Office to do this for us. A full UK hallmark is made up of several stamps or marks, generally inside or on the back on a piece of jewellery. The stamps or marks include; a makers mark, a purity mark (9ct for Penny’s ring), a mark for the assay office that tested it, a year mark (2023 for Penny’s ring), we also included a mark for convention, a mark for King Charles |||, and a mark to celebrate 250 years of Birmingham Assay Office operation.

Once hallmarking was complete, it was time to set Penny’s family birthstones into place.

It was a complete delight to welcome Penny back to our Design Studio to collect this family heirloom.

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