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18ct White Gold Pink Morganite Earrings

Creating matching earrings for a diamond and pink morganite ring.

Karen had this beautiful 18ct white gold, diamond and pink morganite ring. She wanted some matching earrings created.

Morganite ranges from peach to pink in colour, and the pink end of the colour spectrum is rarer. Karen’s ring is set with a high grade pink morganite that she wanted colour matched.

Morganite is formed of beryl, making it a relation of emerald and aquamarine. Louise spoke with our main stone dealer; this high grade of pink wasn’t available as a stock item. Louise discussed this with Karen and they decided to have the pink morganites especially cut for her earrings.

Our supplier was able to send over different shades of morganite, so Karen could sit with Louise and hand pick the colour she liked the best. The chosen shade of pink was then sourced and especially cut for her earrings. This service doesn’t cost our customers any more money, providing it is a regular cut and doesn’t have a pattern cut into it. But it does take more time to source and cut for you, than selecting a gemstone from stock.

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) Louise designed a similar setting for a cluster style drop earring, and diamond set the top to match the shoulders of her ring.

You can see the initial stone layout, and a first CAD image for Karen to view. Karen wanted a specific closure for her earrings, she also wanted them to ‘dangle’ and not be fixed as one piece. The grey image with the blue background is the second CAD design that Karen viewed and agreed.

Louise sourced the posts and fittings in 18ct white gold from Italy for her. The front of the top of her earrings, and the dangle drop cluster have been cast from the CAD file, so what you see in the photo-realistic image, is exactly what you get in real life. The beauty of using CAD is that simple design changes can be made quickly and without additional costs.

All of this rough cast 18ct white gold needs ‘cleaning up’ and polishing, this is done by hand in our workshop. Different grades of very fine sandpaper, needle files and our polishing wheel, are all used to create a high shine.

Rhodium plating for a brilliant ‘white’ look to the gold was the final step. Gold is naturally yellow, white gold is made by humans by alloying ‘white’ metals with the gold to make the colour appear paler. 18ct gold is 75% pure gold and 25% base metal, this means that ‘white gold’ is arguably pale yellow. Rhodium plating it gives a final coating of a naturally ‘white’ metal, rhodium is a member of the platinum family.

You can see the fittings that Karen wanted, these arrived from Italy ready for assembly. Her morganites had been cut for her, and were ready and waiting, plus a lovely pile of diamonds! Karen’s earrings were soldered together and each stone was then expertly hand set by Paul.

You can see these beauties sparkling in the sunshine!

Super classy and completely beautiful! Karen enjoyed wearing this set to a post-Covid reunion lunch with school friends, she even sourced and wore a matching outfit!

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