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Memorial Pendants in Silver with Resin

Tragically, Jayne had lost her husband, she wanted some memorial pendants made for their daughters and nieces. Jayne booked a Design Consultation at our Shaftesbury Studio and met with Sam and Louise to discuss what she would like made.

Jayne wanted silver teardrop shaped pendants, she had some family silver to cast these with. We discussed the style that she would like, these were to be big chunky pendants. She wanted some laser engraving on the back, before her husband has passed, he has written a note to his daughters and his nieces. Jayne wanted his actual handwriting on the backs, plus a crown design that was important to her family. She also want to have each girl’s first name initial displayed in Morse Code.

Stuart created some engraving proofs for her to view and approve or change.

The first job was to make the ‘Master’ pendant to cast the others from. You can see this above, this master is attached to a sprue – a place for the molten silver to flow into. You can see this below, it is placed inside the yellow rubber and heated until it melts and makes a mould. The yellow rubber is carefully cut open and the silver master is removed. Then it is held back together was liquid wax is squired into the rubber mould – these are the blue copies next to the silver master below.

The blue wax is built up into a tree formation – each pendant is a branch of this tree. There is a hole in the bottom of the black cup. A metal tube is placed over the tree and a substance called ‘investment’ is poured in – this is similar to plaster of paris. It is left to dry out over night, and then heated in the kiln. The wax melts and runs out of the hole in the black cup – it is ‘lost’ out of the bottom.

Jayne’s silver was melted and ‘flung’ into the mould, our casting machine uses centrifugal force to spin the liquid metal into every part of the recess. Everything is now very hot, the investment is plunged into cold water, it cannot cope with the temperature change and bubbles away, leaving the silver tree standing proud.

You can see the silver tree below, from here we cut each individual pendant free, and remove the sprues.

Each pendant now needs filing and sandpapering smooth, then polishing to a high shine, ready for laser engraving on the back. Birmingham Assay Office did a lovely job of hallmarking these in a curve along the bottom.

Our laser is extremely precise and can engrave in great detail. Jayne’s husbands handwriting was scanned in and engraved exactly as he had written it. We also engraved the family crown that was important to his daughters, and each girls initial in Morse Code.

The black pen helps to laser to ‘see’ where it is going when it is engraving, we remove this afterwards. You can see from the images above that the engraving is exactly the same as the images Jayne supplied us with. These pendants needed a further polish and then there were ready for Sam to complete her ashes work.

Sam is our Resin Artist and works with all of your precious inclusions that go into our celebration and memorial jewellery. Jayne had chosen a bright lime green colour as her husband’s birthday was in August, and peridot is the birthstone for this month. Peridot is a bright lime green colour, so these pendants represent his birthstone.

Sam starts by applying a base colour and curing this under UV light. She builds up the colour in thin layers, curing in between. Jayne wanted his ashes placed in a swirl pattern. We mixed in some green opal with the ashes as Jayne wanted these to sparkle.

Sam added a layer of glitter over the top of the base green colour, and the ashes and green opal. Jayne had chosen Pale Silver Glitter and Green Reflect Glitter. You can see the difference this made in terms of sparkle! These pendants now needed a longer final cure, and then to be left in a dark and dust free space (our safe!) for 7 days, before varnishing as a protective top-coat.

Jayne was absolutely delighted with how these turned out. The layers of personalisation run deeply over both sides of these memorial pendants. These were presented at a memorial service and greatly received by the girls. Everyone was very emotional, and the girls were so happy to keep a piece of their father or uncle with them always.

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