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Memorial Lightning Bolts

Sadly, Sue had lost her husband. She wanted some memorial pendants handmade for herself and for her daughters.

Sue showed me a lightening bolt pin. Her late husband was a big fan of this musical artist! This was the shape and colour she wanted to achieve. We hand cut a pink wax version to start with, Sue and her daughter viewed this pink wax, and then made some minor changes to achieve the exact look they were after. Our Mark then handmade a silver one for all of Sue’s family to view again, just to ensure it was spot on. They wanted all of the pendants to be exactly the same.

The best way to achieve exactness is to cast them all from a master. The gold one is for Sue to wear, and the silver ones are for her daughters. Sue decided to add an additional silver one for herself to wear everyday. Keeping her gold one for special occasions.

You can see the silver master above in the photo on its own. The five pendants in the other photo are the cast copies of this master. The additional metal on the top is called the sprue – this is where the molten gold and silver flowed into the mould during Lost Wax Casting. The sprue is removed and returned for remelting in future projects (unless the gold or silver belongs to the customers, in this case we return it).

The outline shape of this lightening bolt is very iconic, and important to Sue and her daughters. We soldered two jump rings onto the back of each pendant, to make the chain slide through the back. This means that the shape and form of the lightening bolt isn’t interrupted by a traditional bail. Birmingham Assay Office stamped a row of hallmarks onto the back of each pendant, including The Queen’s Jubilee Mark.

There were three different red colours for Sue and her family to choose from. The ladies all agreed on the same one! Sam is our Resin Artist, she expertly layered the red base colour into each pendant, and cured them under ultraviolet (UV) light. This is a process she repeats several times to achieve the desired colour. Sam respectfully hand placed the ashes into each pendant, and applied a clear top coat of resin. Finally she applies our super hard, anti-scratch, anti-yellowing varnish, and leaves the pendants in a dark and dust free space for seven days. All of our celebration and memorial work is done in our studio, so your precious ashes aren’t posted anywhere. Sam gathered a selection of infinity style chains for Sue and her daughters to choose from.

It was a delight to welcome Sue and her daughters back to our Shaftesbury Design Studio to collect their pendants. The were worn straight away, and have enjoyed at many family gathering since!

We are thrilled that all four ladies love their special pieces. We have seen Sue a few times since creating these, and she has worn her silver one on each occasion.

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