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Horse Hair Jewellery – Pendant

Victoria wanted a present for her mum who had been having a tough time recently. On top of some other sad news, tragically, her mum had lost her beloved horse, Victoria contacted us to see if we could make a pendant containing horsehair.

Horsehair jewellery is very popular, a horse’s tail and mane is it’s pride and joy, and it’s such a privilege to be able to offer comfort to owners by hand making horsehair jewellery.

After selecting a pendant from our Sam’s Celebration and Memorial Collection Victoria dropped some of her mums precious horsehair to our Shaftesbury Design Studio.

Victoria chose our ‘Hair and Fur Celebration and Memorial Round Resin Silver Pendant with Colour’ we also offer this pendant with a glitter option. Resin colour gives a dense and solid look and feel to a piece of jewellery, whereas glitter is more opaque and sparkly. You can have a combination of both to create a completely unique look.

We can make this pendant with any type of hair or fur.

Victoria wanted the colour called ‘Dreamy Aquamarine’ – this is a lovely turquoise. She wanted a complimentary glitter over the top and chose a glitter called ‘Green Reflect’ – this clever glitter only reflects the colour green, so it adds depth to a piece, but it subtle. Our bright blue opal also caught Victoria’s eye, she wanted to include some this this, but she didn’t want the finished jewellery to look too cluttered or busy.

During her consultation with Sam, they discussed different placements for the horsehair and opal, and came up with a plan. Sam suggested fanning the horsehair out across the pendant, and then hand placing the opal around the edge.

Sam gathered all that she needed to make this pendant in advance, as a Resin Artist she likes to be left in peace to hand make her jewellery.

Once she had selected Victoria’s chosen colour (Dreamy Aquamarine), her glitter (Green Reflect) and the blue opal, Sam inspects our hand made silver pendant to ensure its perfect before starting. She builds the resin colour up in thin layers, this is the best way to create depth to a piece.

Sam hand placed each layer with a thin recyclable wooden stick, if the resin area is very small then she works with an extremely fine sewing needle. The first layer is inspected and then cured under UV lamp. Sam slowly built up the base colour until she was happy that the desired look had been achieved.

The horsehair is cut to size, horsehair is coarse and really lovely to work with, it behaves nicely and stays put once it is placed. You can see Sam individually hand placing each horsehair with tweezers, she will fan these out across the pendant.

Sam takes the utmost care and respect when she is hand placing the most precious inclusions of your loved ones.

You can see her fanning the horsehair out into a beautiful pattern across the pendant, each strand is carefully placed with exacting precision. Her attention to detail is second-to-none and shines through within the finished jewellery.

Once Sam was happy with the placement of the horsehair in the pendant, she started the glitter layer. Glitter can really change how a finished piece can look. Victoria wanted the horsehair to be partially visible, so this clever glitter is a brilliant way to achieve this look.

Called ‘Green Reflect’ this glitter only reflects or sparkles green, giving depth to this piece and partially ‘hiding’ the horsehair. You can see below how subtle this is, if Victoria had chosen a contrasting glitter then this pendant would have looked completely different in the finish.

When the glitter layer was cured, Sam started hand placing the blue opal around the edge of the pendant. Victoria loved the blue opal and wanted to include it to make this special piece for her mum. She didn’t want the finished pendant to look too cluttered or busy.

Sam hand placed the blue opal around the edge, so it was visible but subtle. This bright blue really brings out the green of the base colour.

Sam showed Victoria a picture of the pendant so far. Victoria was keen to include some of the silver horsehair as well as the black horsehair in this pendant.

Sam happily cut the silver horsehair to size and hand placed it into the pendant. Due to the colour, the silver horsehair is far less visible than the black horse hair. It was now time for another cure under the UV lamp.

After adding in the silver horsehair, Sam added a tiny amount of ‘Green Reflect’ glitter over the top. Then it was time for a clear top coat, and a final longer cure under the UV lamp. Sam placed the finished piece in our dark, dust-free, secure safe for seven days. Then she applied a varnish and polished the top to a high shine.

Here is what Victoria thought of her finished horsehair jewellery:

Victoria (verified owner) – July 1, 2024

Could not recommend more! Had a pendant made for my mum with her recently deceased horses hair. The whole process was made incredibly easy for me and I was able to organise it all via WhatsApp. Everyone I spoke to was super patient when helping me decide on colours and it didn’t at any time feel like I was being pushed into a decision. We recieved the finished pendant within a week and it looked absolutely stunning, better than I could have imagined. My mums horses truly meant the world to her so I am grateful to have been able to have this gorgeous and sentimental piece made for her.

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