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Handmade Rings for Mother and Daughter

Karen wanted a bespoke ring handmade for her daughter Hazel, and another one handmade for herself. 

The two rings were going to be quite different; Karen wanted a flat band made that was set flush with her sentimental diamonds, sapphires, and rubies across the top, and tapered in at the back.  She wanted her gems set in a scatter pattern.

For her daughter, she wanted a three stone ring handmade, set with their largest family sapphire in the centre and a couple of diamonds flanking either side.

Their family diamonds were being set into Karen’s ring, so she asked Louise to supply a matching pair for Hazel’s ring.

Louise discussed the differences between Conflict Free Earth Mined Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds with Karen.

Conflict Free Earth Mined Diamonds are grown in the Earth’s crust, under huge temperatures and pressures, this is a process that takes millions of years.  They are then mined by humans.

Honour Jewellery only purchase Earth Mined Diamonds from companies who are part of The Kimberly Process.  Ensuring they have not been used by rebel forces for conflict.

Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in a laboratory by humans, the companies Honour Jewellery buy Lab Grown Diamonds from use green energies to grow them.  They mimic the conditions in the Earth’s crush to be able to grow them in the lab. 

Lab Grown Diamonds are more cost effective than Earth Mined Diamonds.  Karen chose Lab Grown Diamonds for Hazel’s ring.

Karen’s family gold comprised of her Mum’s wedding band and engagement ring, plus a sapphire ring and one illusion set diamond ring.  

We melted her family gold and poured it back to an ingot.  This was then rolled through our steel rollers into the correct shape to hand-form her band.  Each setting was handmade to fit her stones perfectly. 

Steve meticulously hand crafted each setting and soldered each claw into place.  He expertly set all three stones; a sentimental family sapphire, and two Lab Grown Diamonds.

With Hazel’s ring finished, we made a start on Karen’s ring.

Some of Karen’s old gemstones were missing and a few were broken and couldn’t be re-set.

Karen and I discussed the style of scatter patten that she would like her gemstones to make, we agreed to add a couple of matching rubies and diamonds to make a more even pattern over the top of her ring.

You can see her original blue sapphires, then a mix of her diamonds and ruby, with some matching ones added.

Louise sourced and matched the cuts and colours of her original gemstones.

Karen needed a bit more gold added to the mix, for the design she chose to work. 

You can see the gemstone scatter pattern that Karen chose for her ring emerging as Steve set her stones.

This finished ring was handmade from her mums gold wedding band and engagement ring, set with family sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

Her sentimental gold was reworked into this band, and then flush set with her gems in the scatter pattern that we had agreed.

Mother and daughter rings!  Handmade from family gold and set with sentimental gemstones.

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