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Handmade Jewellery With Grandma’s Gemstones.

Rosemary had some gemstones from her late mum. She had found them when sorting through her mums possessions and wanted to know if they were real gemstones or costume paste.

She booked an appointment to see Louise at our Shaftesbury Design Studio and brought the stones with her. Louise was able to advise Rosemary that her mums stones were in fact real gemstones.

After further inspection and testing, Louise could advise that the two large white/clear gemstones were in fact lab grown white sapphires. The smaller white stones – still set into earrings, were in fact diamonds.

The largest round brown gemstone was smokey quartz, the oval lighter brown gemstone (Still set in a pendant) was a zircon, and the oval slightly redder gemstone was also a zircon.

Zircon is a natural gemstone – not to be confused with human-made cubic zirconia – a synthetic clear stone. Zircon is a reasonably hard gemstone and can be found in almost any colour, it has lovely bright lustre and a good brilliance.

Rosemary decided to keep the diamond earrings for herself, Louise gave them a good clean in the ultrasonic so they sparkled again.

Rosemary has three daughter, she decided to commission a piece of silver jewellery for each of them. From the selection in the photos above, Rosemary’s daughters chose the gemstones that they each liked the best and thought about what style of jewellery they would like made.

Each daughter had a different style and idea for what she would like:

Poppy wanted a large reverse S shaped ring set with the darker redder natural zircon, and a white sapphire.

Charlotte wanted the smokey quartz in a simple modern looking rubover setting as a ring. And a white sapphire as a matching pendant.

Amber chose the paler natural zircon and wanted a vintage style ring with a claw setting.

You can see the makings of Poppy’s large reverse S shaped ring, and the settings for Charlotte’s ring and pendant below.

Louise had given Rosemary one of our finger gauges so that she could measure her daughters finger sizes, we needed this information before we started hand making these rings.

Mark handmade each silver setting to fit each gemstone perfectly. A rubover setting is also called a bezel setting, it is where a ring of metal (silver) is gently pressed all of the way around the edge of the gemstone, to hold it in place.

Amber’s vintage style ring has a split shank – the shoulder are split into two bands that form a V shape, it also has handmade claws. This gives is an antique and delicate look and feel.

The other rubover set pieces look more modern; this was the style that Poppy and Charlotte wanted.

It was a complete joy to welcome Rosemary back to our Design Studio to collect these pieces for her daughters.

The were presented to the girls at a family gathering. Rosemary sent us the photo of all three girls wearing their rings – It was a delight to be able to see these three sisters wearing them together!

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