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Gold & Silver Memorial Rings

Bespoke yellow gold and silver memorial rings with hidden ashes.

Brandy wanted a silver heart shaped memorial ring. She wanted hidden ashes inside, underneath the lid. This ring was to contain the ashes of her grandfather, and some very sentimental gemstones from her grandmothers ring.

Brandy had a clear design idea in mind. She wanted an antique look and feel to a ‘locket’ style ring. She also had examples of patters for laser engraving over the top.

Once we had received her Grandfathers ashes and the sentimental gemstones of her late Grandmother, Louise created a CAD (Computer Aided Design) image for her to view.

These are the first CAD render images, this is a great tool for seeing your design, before it’s cast in precious metal. The silver heart shape is for Brandy. She chose to add a diamond into the centre of her heart. She also commissioned an oval gold version for her mum – also to house ashes and gemstones. Once she had seen her CAD designs, Brandy opted to change the settings for the diamonds, from a round rubover setting, to an actual raised heart shape, with the diamond set flush with the top.

We can 3D print directly from the CAD file in resin, this means you can see an exact replica of your design, before its cast in precious metal. You can try it on for size, and see how it fits and feels. This is a very popular service for our customers, these can be posted, or tried on in our Shaftesbury Design Studio.

You can see these rough cast gold and silver memorial rings. They need cleaning up (polishing) and the sprue’s removing. The sprue is where the liquid metal (gold and silver) flooded into the mould during lost wax casting. The excess sprue is removed (snipped off with pliers) and then returned to the pot for future melts. The ‘bump’ left over is then filed smooth using different grades of very fine sandpaper.

Casting from a 3D printed wax creates a ‘fingerprint’ type texture on the metal, this is gently buffed with sandpaper, and then polished by hand on the wheel until it’s shiny. It takes some time to ‘clean up’ the rough cast, and leave it with a high shine.

We split her Grandfathers ashes between the two rings, and unset all of the sentimental gemstones from her Grandmothers ring. After hand placing these precious inclusions inside both rings, they were tac welded closed. Tac welding holds the two pieces together, then they were soldered closed, hiding the ashes and gemstones inside.

These rings needed hallmarking. Birmingham Assay Office did an amazing job of giving both of these a full UK hallmark, including The Queen’s Jubilee Mark.

The next step was to set a diamond in the top, this was to be flush-set in line with the top of the heart shape setting in both rings.

Brandy wanted a particular pattern laser engraved onto the top of these rings. Our Stuart created the artwork for her to approve or change. You can see this in an image below. Once Brandy was happy with the pattern, it was time for Stuart to put the laser to work! The blank ink helps the laser to ‘see’ where it’s going. You can see this in action in one of our videos below.

Once the laser has outlined the pattern, the goes over it again, deepening the recess that forms the pattern.

The black ink is removed with some acetone, and then the rings are given a final polish. Laser engraving is extremely precise, and it leaves a slightly rough edge to the pattern, this needs a gentle buff as a final stage, before we presented these to Brandy.

We were thrilled at how these turned out! A very vintage style and look, from the most modern up-to-date processes in the jewellery industry today – CAD, 3D printing and laser engraving! Brandy personally took the gold version to her mum in Canada as a surprise gift for her.

This is such a beautiful story, transcending three generations of Brandy’s family into two complimentary memorial rings.

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