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Gold Cast Pendant Necklace

Jon had some sentimental family gold. He wanted a necklace made for his wife’s birthday.

The first step was to carefully remove the diamonds from a family ring. Removing gemstones and diamonds is a job a stone setter – our Mark cut these free – you can see the diamonds free of their settings in his work bench. Jon knew the style of pendant that his wife would like, he was able to provide us with an accurate description and rough sketch. Louise was able to create a photo-realistic image from CAD – a computer design program.

Here is the CAD design for Jon’s wife. These images are not the actual pendant, but a design of it inside a computer program.

The settings have been made to fit their sentimental family diamonds exactly, each diamond was accurately measured once it was un-set from the original ring. Jon visited our Design Studio to view these images and was very happy with how they looked. From the computer file we 3D printed a wax copy to use in casting.

This pendant was cast with their own family gold. We are able to cast a single flask for our customers, using only their gold, this is because we have the equipment to cast in-house. You need more gold to cast with than you actually use in the finished piece. This is because the gold needs to ‘flow’ into the mould during Lost Wax Casting. The entry point to the mould is called the sprue; it is this part that is needed to make the casting process work, and the reason why there is leftover gold.

In this creation, the excess gold (sprue) was used to hand make a chain for this pendant.

Here is Jon’s rough cast gold on the bench peg!

You can see his wife’s pendant, hand set with their own family diamonds, and cast from their own sentimental gold. You can see the beautiful hallmarks on the back, including The Queen’s Jubilee Stamp.

Jon’s family gold was used to cast the pendant for his wife; there was enough left over to hand-make a chain for her to wear it on. Our Mark has an exceptional skill to craft chain entirely by hand. He re-melted, and poured an ingot from the remainder of Jon’s sentimental family gold. This gets the gold into the correct shape. The first part of the process is to roll the gold through a set of steel rollers to change the shape. The gold needs to be one long wire, it is coiled around a tube and then cut by hand to form the links.

Each link is assembled and then individually welded by hand. Finally, a clasp is attached. Mark then gently squeezes each link to make them oval – so they run through the back to the pendant nicely. The craftsmanship behind this chain means that you end up with a far superior product to anything made by a machine.

Here is the finished pendant that was cast from Jon’s own sentimental gold, and hand set with his family diamonds, plus the handmade chain. This was a surprise birthday present for his wife.

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