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Family Wedding Bands

Cheryl and Spencer were engaged to be married and were in need of handmade wedding bands. They also wanted to get a ring to commemorate their special day for Joe, Spencer’s son.

This customer story demonstrates how we can work with different metals (white gold, titanium and sterling silver) and how we can use different styles of gemstone setting to give a piece a different look and feel.

Cheryl met with Louise at our Shaftesbury Design Studio to discuss some options.

Cheryl had a white gold diamond engagement ring and she wanted the same precious metal for her wedding band. She was keen to incorporate their family birthstones into her band. Spencer works as an electrician and wanted a super-tough metal, that was lightweight in feel, and would withstand working on a building site – he chose titanium.

Cheryl’s white gold band was hand rolled by Mark from one continuous piece of gold, this gives the strongest profile, and most luxurious feel to a band. She chose to have her own birthstone – Garnet for January (a pink variety called Rhodolite Garnet) then Spencer’s birthstone in the middle – Tourmaline for October (Cheryl chose a green variety) and then her step-son Joe’s birthstone – also Garnet for January (a red variety called Mozambique Garnet).

These were set flush – down into her band. This style of setting compliments her smooth court-shaped band. Cheryl wanted them set in a row at the ‘top’ of her band, creating a focal point, she didn’t want them evenly spaced around the band.

Spencer wanted a subtle detail to his wedding band, he chose to have a satin finish – not highly polished, and a single ‘tram line’ was laser engraved around the middle. This detail gives his wedding band a unique look and feel. Titanium is very strong, Spencer’s wedding band was spun on a lathe from a single piece of titanium. The satin finish was applied last.

Spencer’s son is called Joe, as a wedding present, Cheryl and Spencer wanted to gift a ring to Joe as a thank you for being such a big part of their special day. Spencer came for an additional appointment with Louise at our Shaftesbury Design Studio.

Spencer wanted a sterling silver ring made for Joe, he wanted it set with the same three birthstones as Cheryl’s ring, plus one moonstone for Joe’s birth mother. Moonstone is the birthstone for June, Louise sourced a high grade faceted (cut) moonstone to go into Joe’s band.

Spencer chose a different setting style for Joe, he chose to have his sons family birthstones in a full rubover style of setting. This is where a ring of silver holds the stones in, it is ‘rubbed’ or pressed over the entire edge of the stone, to hold it in place, instead of claws.

Louise designed Joe’s band with these settings so that a flat part of the band was always at the bottom. His fingers will naturally keep the gemstones in an X formation on his hand.

Such a lovely unique trio! White gold for the bride. Titanium for the groom. Sterling silver for the son.

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