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Family Names Morse Code Rings

Morse Code Family Name Rings in Diamonds, Platinum and Yellow Gold

Laura had these two sentimental rings, they were both 18ct yellow gold. Her family has a strong military history, and she wanted to use gemstones to create Morse Code names. She wanted three rings made, one for her husband Ashley, and two for her daughters Hazel and Rose.

Laura visited our Shaftesbury Design Studio and discussed different gemstones with Louise, one idea was to use family birthstones to form the Morse Code. Laura wanted to use the diamonds from her Grandma’s three stone ring, these could be split over two rings to create parts of the code. These three diamonds were round and could be used for some of the dots that form the code. We still needed to add some baguette cut stones – these are oblong in shape and would create the dashes.

Laura decided to have all diamonds for her Morse Code, she chose to have new platinum settings, and add some more 18ct yellow gold to her own. Combining her own sentimental gold with some new gold ensured that we had enough to be able to make three individual bands.

You can see Laura’s diamonds being carefully removed from their settings by Mark. Louise accurately measured these for new platinum settings to be created in CAD (Computer Aided Design). This is a brilliant tool for being able to show photo-realistic images to customers, so that they can approve their design. Its also really easy to make changes to the computer file, before any precious metals are cast.

Here are the CAD images that Laura viewed, the yellow gold bands are shown here just for effect, only the platinum settings were cast.

Laura wanted 3x stacking rings handmade, with her daughters names, and her husbands name, in diamonds, in Morse Code.

Hazel ••••
Rose •_
Ashley •_

Laura and Louise discussed which settings would house her sentimental diamonds, and we supplied new diamonds to be able to finish the code. Louise matched the grade of Laura’s family diamonds so all of them were in keeping with each other.

Above you can see the new platinum castings, these needed ‘cleaning up’ as they have a slight texture to them from casting. Needle files, different grades of very fine sandpaper and our polishing wheel are all used to make the platinum shiny, it takes about half a day to achieve this.

The bands were then handmade from her own 18ct yellow gold. The bands was cut off both of her rings, and more 18ct yellow gold was blended into her own, to create three bands from two.

Once the gold bands were soldered onto the platinum settings, each ring was polished and then hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office.

Mark hand set all these diamonds in a rubover style. Rubover is where the platinum is ‘rubbed’ or pushed over the outer edge of the stone, instead of claws holding the stones in. This was important to keep the look and feel of the ‘dots and dashes’ that make up the code. After a final polish and dip in the ultrasonic to clean, these were ready for Laura to enjoy!

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