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Family Name Bangle

Lucy wanted to buy her mum an 80th birthday present. She wanted to buy her something personalised, possibly with family names on.

Lucy came to see Louise at our Shaftesbury Design Studio for a consultation. they discussed some different options, and agreed that our Family Name Bangle would be a lovely option for Lucy’s mum.

Lucy made a list of all of their family names, siblings, nephews, nieces, cats, dogs, and the tortoise called Imp!

This personalised bangle is available in our online shop.

We offer two different weights of bangle for you to choose from. One is a slimmer medium weight, and the other is a chunkier heavy weight, both of these have a beautiful hammered finish. You choose the number of name circles that you would like to be added to your chosen bangle; we can fit up to 15 letters on each one.

Each individual name circle is cast in our workshop from a ‘Master’ – the original handmade one. This master is placed inside rubber that is heated until it melts and created a mould. The rubber is carefully cut open and the Master is removed, then the rubber is held back together again. Liquid wax is squirted inside the rubber mould, and left to cool. This creates a wax copy of the original master.

The rubber is opened and the wax copy is removed, this process is repeated until the desired number of name rings have been made in wax. These are then attached to a ‘trunk’ to create a wax ‘tree’ and a metal tube is placed over the top. A substance called ‘Investment’ is poured inside and left to dry out.

This is heated inside of the kiln and the wax melts and is ‘lost’ out of the bottom. Molten silver is ‘flung’ into the recess and spun to ensure it floods into all parts of the mould. The investment is then plunged into cold water and breaks down, leaving a silver ‘tree’ standing proud.

Each name ring then cut from the tree and filed, sandpapered, and polished to a high shine. It is then pressed with your chosen family names, and then polished again.

Your family name circles are threaded onto your chosen bangle, and it’s then welded closed, we then solder these for additional strength. Your entire piece is polished by hand, and finally dipped in the ultrasonic to clean the polish off.

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