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Deco Inspired Rose Gold Ring

Kate had some sentimental gemstones that her brother had bought for her during his travels around the world. She had kept these treasures safe for years whilst she looked for a jeweller to turn them into a bespoke piece.

Kate made an appointment to see Louise at our Shaftesbury Design Studio. She had travelled from Derbyshire to discuss her ideas, and incorporated her appointment time with a much needed holiday in Dorset.

The gemstones that her brother had bought for her were two lime green peridots that were square cuts, and two bright yellow sapphires that were pear shaped cuts. Her peridots were different depths, and her sapphires were different sizes.

Louise designed this ring with her yellow sapphires slightly off-set to create the optical illusion that there are the same size. You can see this in the second image below.

Kate loves Deco – inspired designs and wanted a ring designed in rose gold to make the green and yellow pop. Louise started off with a very basic outline sketch to ensure she had understood what Kate was after.

We use CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create jewellery inside of a computer. This powerful program allows us to enter the exact measurements of gemstones to we can make settings fit exactly.

We can also produce photo-realistic images of exactly what the design looks like from different angles. From this computer file we can 3D print a resin copy for you to try on, before any precious metals are cast. This means that you can try on your ring for size and check you are happy with everything; eliminating any uncertainty about your new jewellery.

Kate was over the moon with her new design. She asked us to cast this in rose gold for her, the contrast between the lime green, bright yellow sapphires and gentle pink hue of the gold is really striking.

We raised Kates gemstone settings up slightly so she has the option to wear another ring alongside this one. The side profile of her setting is really clean and simple, allowing the gemstones to steal the show.

This ring was cast as one piece; the entire ring is one solid piece of gold. This freshly cast gold has a slight fingerprint texture to it from casting. A wax is 3D printed from the CAD file and used in the ancient art of Lost Wax Casting.

The fresh gold needs ‘cleaning up’ this is the process of using fine needle files, different grits of very fine sandpaper, and our polishing wheel to bring this precious metal up to a high shine.

Our stone setter hand set Kates gemstones into their new made to measure homes. Below they are just placed and not actually set. Our Marcelo hand carves the seat for each stone and expertly ‘rubs’ the gold over the edge of the stones. This is called rubover setting (also known as bezel setting).

Once the gemstones are set, this ring needs a final polish from our Mark and a dip in the ultrasonic to give it a good clean.

It was such a delight to be able to create this bespoke piece of custom jewellery for Kate. She was completely thrilled and commissioned us to create a bespoke vine leaf pendant for her as well! – But that is another story!


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