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Combining Family Rings into One

Sandra had these sentimental rings. She wanted a new ring designed and made from her family gold. She wanted to use the gemstones from her late mum’s engagement ring, and her own eternity ring, in the new ring.

Sandra had her mums stone set engagement ring, and her mums signet ring – a ring she wore all of the time. She wanted to incorporate hers dads signet ring that was set with a black onyx. Sandra had two rings from her maternal grandmother to include, and her own eternity ring – that had worn away on one side and needed remaking. It was Sandra’s dream to amalgamate all of this family history into one new ring.

Sandra came and saw Louise for a consultation at our Shaftesbury Design Studio. Sandra wanted to wear this new ring in between two others; her wedding ring and her engagement ring. Louise inspected her rings and suggested a straight edged band would be a good idea, with her different sized gemstones scattered around, set down flush into the band.

Sandra liked this design idea, she wanted a ring that would sit down close to her hand, she didn’t want anything that sat up high from her finger.

The first steps were to carefully and expertly un-set the gemstones from her mums engagement ring, and her own eternity ring. Plus the black onyx from her dads signet ring, the black onyx was returned to Sandra because it wasn’t being incorporated into this design. Because these rings were being re-worked, the side of each setting was cut and the ring was bent sideways, so the stones just fell out. This is the best way of ensuring the stones are not damaged as they are being removed.

You can see Sandra’s family gold being melted and poured into an ingot by Steve. Louise takes photos of this process so our customers can see its actually their own gold that is re-worked into their new piece. Gold melts at 1,064 degrees Celsius or 1,943 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it is very hot when it is molten, it cools very quickly when poured into an ingot mould, making it tough and hard to work with.

The process of annealing is when the gold is very gently and slowly heated to a colour called ‘Cherry Red’ – this is the point just before it melts, then it is left to cool slowly at room temperature. Doing this a few times makes the gold soft and easier to work with.

Steve hand-rolled her gold ingot into square wire. The band needed to be deep enough to house her stones in, as there were being set flush down into her gold.

Steve is exceptionally good at working out the correct size of band needed for a customers stones to be set into, he is also very talented and meticulous about flush setting gemstones.

Sandra’s sentimental gemstones are different sizes, Louise’s suggestion of a scatter pattern, all of the way around her ring is a good way to emphasise their beauty.

This is a great way to set different size gemstones from different rings into one new creation.

Below you can see how perfectly Sandra’s new band fits in between her wedding band and her engagement ring.

In the photos below, you can see the Queen’s Jubilee Stamp as part of her new hallmark, this was applied by Birmingham Assay Office.

Sandra had some excess family gold leftover and her Dad’s onyx from his signet ring. These were returned to her when she came to collect her ring at our Shaftesbury Design Studio.

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