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Bride’s Wedding Necklace

Tom was getting married, his bride to be had lost her mother, Tom wanted some jewellery handmade from her late mum’s gold as a surprise wedding present. He also wanted a wedding band handmade for himself.

Tom booked an appointment with Louise at our Shaftesbury Design Studio, he brought his sister along for a second opinion.

Tom knew that he wanted a necklace made with a handmade chain for his bride. He know which pieces of jewellery were important to his bride and her late mother. The two rings above were rings that she wore all of the time. Louise discussed the options of re-setting these sentimental gemstones into new pieces of jewellery.

The blue sapphires needed re-cutting as they were really worn. The tops were almost smooth, the facets (cut sides) had worn away. Louise explained that it would be a shame to hand make new jewellery from their old family gold, if the gemstones then didn’t sparkle.

Tom made a really good decision to have these re-cut so they would sparkle and look really beautiful in his brides pendant.

Louise showed some different shape options for a pendant, Tom chose a large teardrop shape. Louise explained that we could make sheet from their family gold, and then cut the correct shape and size out of that sheet and then hand make a bail (the part that the chain slides through). We would hand make settings for these gemstones, and set them onto the top.

Tom needed to choose a stone layout for his bride, Louise offered him two different options to choose from. In the images above the stones and settings are just placed, nothing is soldered or set yet.

This pendant needed a handmade chain. Tom and his sister looked through our silver samples and chose the links that they linked the best for a handmade chain.

Tom wanted to re-use a special clasp from a bracelet that his bride’s late mother loved and wore. All of their family gold (apart from the sentimental clasp) was melted and poured into an ingot.

This then needed rolling into wire, you can see the gold changing shape, slowly getting thinner and longer with each change of the roller.

All of this so done by hand, it’s a labour intensive job – but our Mark loves it! You can see the end result below – a lovely coil of gold wire!

This wire is then tightly wrapped around a steel tube and cut by saw into individual links.

The links are clipped together and a chain is formed. Every link is individually welded closed. A slightly larger link was added to each end of the chain to accommodate the clasp.

This sentimental clasp was then welded on with a safety chain. The clasp was set with garnets, so welding was a much safer option than soldering because it uses less heat and wouldn’t damage the garnets. Once assembled, it was time for a good clean and polish.

Now it was time to hand-roll Tom’s wedding band from their remaining gold.

Here is the teardrop shaped pendant and chain that we handmade for Tom’s bride.

Tom had his wedding band handmade from the same family gold. This was hand rolled from a continuous piece of gold for the strongest profile and most luxurious feel.

You can see his bride wearing her pendant and chain on their wedding day. Birmingham Assay Office did a really lovely job of laser hallmarking all of the new pieces. There are two small pieces of unused family gold that I returned to Tom, when he came to collect everything from our Design Studio.

It was a complete delight to work with Tom (and his sister) on these incredibly special pieces of jewellery. We think that this is such a beautiful wedding gift, with so many layers of emotion running through each one.

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