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Bespoke Wedding Band

Emma sent Louise a message over WhatsApp and showed a photo of her engagement ring. It was white gold and diamonds, set with a beautiful pear shaped amethyst.

She wanted a wedding band made to curve around her engagement ring. Emma had some family gold; she had her nan’s diamond ring, and her nan’s wedding band.

There were some gold chains that Emma added into the mix, to make sure there was enough gold to make her ring from.

Emma sent us her gold and engagement ring so we could start designing her piece.

The first job was to unset her nan’s diamonds, then Louise could measure them for size.

The best way to achieve what Emma wanted was to 3D scan her engagement ring into the computer; import it into CAD and then design her wedding band around it.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a powerful computer program that allows us to design new jewellery.

Then we can show photo-realistic images to our customers, and changes can be easily made, before any precious metals are cast.

Louise talked with Emma on the phone about adding in more diamonds so she had 6 in total fitting around the curve of her pear shaped engagement ring. – She thought this was a great idea!

We scanned Emma’s engagement ring and sentimental diamonds into CAD, this is the most time effective way of getting exact measurements.

In this case; the scan made it easier to design Emma’s wedding band to fit her engagement ring perfectly.

You can see that the scan has slight texture to how it renders and the CAD ring is perfectly smooth.

We 3D printed a resin copy to double check that the two were a perfect match. The resin is grey in the photos below.

Emma’s engagement ring had some very pretty setting details on the side, we matched these to ensure the rings looked like they were always supposed to be together.

Once Louise was happy with the design, we showed the renders (photo-realistic images) to Emma over WhatsApp, she was delighted and wanted to proceed.

We 3D printed a wax copy for us to cast with. We use Lost Wax Casting in our workshop, and in this case, we cast Emma’s wedding band in her own family gold.

The wax is purple in the photos below.

Louise sourced and matched 3x additional diamonds so Emma had 6 running around the curve of her wedding band.

Mark cast Emma’s wedding band in her family gold. You can see how this is exactly the same as the grey resin print.

You can see that her diamonds fit snugly into their new settings.

The largest of Emma’s sentimental diamonds is set closest to her band, then they are tapered with the smallest being in the middle of the curve.

The next job was to hallmark her family gold ring, and add our Honour logo to it.

Finally, it was time for our stone setter to go to work!

Emma wanted her wedding band rhodium plated so it looked white and matched her engagement ring.

We cleaned and polished and re-rhodium plated her engagement ring as well, so both rings matched perfectly.

Emma and her fiancee eloped and were married in Las Vegas! We were lucky enough to receive these gorgeous photos from them on their perfect day!

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