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Ashes Pendants with Resin

Sterling silver pendants for two sisters who lost their pet doggy.

These two delicate sterling silver pendants were handmade for sisters who lost their beloved pet doggy.

Their mum Charis commissioned them as Christmas presents. Charis wanted pendants that were round and no more than 10mm in diameter. These were handmade from recycled sterling silver in our workshop. Steve is exceptionally good at hand making identical pieces.

The sisters chose different colours for their pendants, and both wanted contrasting glitter sprinkled amongst the ashes. These were created by layering and curing the coloured resin to give a good base colour. All precious inclusions (ashes, fur, hair, flowers, material, breast milk) are respectfully hand placed in our Design Studio by Sam and not posted anywhere.

Once the ashes and glitter were hand placed, clear resin was layered over the top to create depth and shine!

You can have any shape and any size of pendant you wish.

Her girls chose their own colours of resin, one chose ice blue, and the other chose frosty mint blue. Both with ashes and contrasting glitter.

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