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A Platinum and Gold “Wave” design ring

Mel wanted a ‘wave’ design ring, something with a very modern look and feel.

Mel had her engagement ring and wedding ring. They were 18ct yellow gold. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit together, and they swung around on her finger. She found the constant movement of her rings annoying, and had always wanted them to look and feel like more of a set.

Mel was keen on a ‘wave’ design, she wanted something with a very modern look and feel. She wanted a new platinum setting for her diamonds, and the band made from her own 18ct yellow gold.

Mel came to our Shaftesbury Design Studio for a consultation with Louise. They sat and discussed various options, Mel was keen to have a statement ring, she wanted a decent amount of platinum around her diamonds. Above are the photo-realistic images that Louise created for Mel in CAD (Computer Aided Design). This computer programme is a fantastic way of showing a design to a customer, to check it is what they had in mind.

Mel wanted to view, and try on a 3D printed resin copy of this design (grey version below). She wore this for a week or so to ensure she was completely happy with everything.

The platinum waves were designed at different levels on either side of her diamonds. Mel wanted the outer settings levelled out, and for the platinum to be at the same height on either side of her diamonds. You can see a rotated version of the side view with the setting at the same height (pink arrow below).

3D printing a resin copy of your design is a really good way of checking you are happy with all aspects of your bespoke creation. We can always change the CAD file and print a second resin to double check a final time. This is always done before any precious metals are cast or reworked.

Mel agreed her final design and we cast her head in platinum. This new platinum will be polished and then soldered onto her handmade band. The band will be hand crafted from her own 18ct yellow gold; fusing together her original wedding band and engagement ring.

You can see the difference that polishing makes to platinum, this is done using needle files, different grades of very fine sandpaper, and our polishing wheel. It takes about half a day to hand polish platinum from a rough cast to a high shine. Mel’s gold was melted together and cleaned with a carbon stick, flux was added to burn out any impurities. Then Mel’s gold was hand rolled to form her band.

Here is Mel’s ring soldered together. Her new platinum setting has been soldered to her own 18ct yellow gold – this forms the band on her ring. Mel’s original rings swung around on her finger and she found this annoying. This new ring was deliberately made slightly oval (left to right) this helps to balance out the weight at the top, and stops it spinning on her finger.

Stone setting is a highly regarded skill, you can see in detail, how Mel’s own diamonds were set into this ring by our Paul. Setting means pressing and moving the metal over the edge of the stone to secure it in place, this marks the platinum, and these marks then need removing.

You can see her ring having a really good buff with the dremmel, then a file and sandpapering smooth. Now, it’s time for a final polish. After hand polishing on the wheel, the ring is suspended in the ultrasonic to remove the polish and have a good clean!

You can see this new bespoke creation on Mel’s hand, she happily modelled for us in our Design Studio just before Christmas.

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