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3D Scanning a Dog

A very special 50th – Golden Wedding Anniversary present!

After being married for 50 years, this gentleman wanted to create a special and unique present for his wife. He wanted something personal to them, that she would love and treasure forever! He knew he wanted a bespoke piece made from gold, as 50 years of marriage is The Golden Wedding Anniversary. This couple didn’t have children, but they did have a much loved dog.

This lady absolutely adored her Dachshund! She had previously had a clay replica made of her beloved pooch. This took pride of place on their mantle piece at home in the living room. The clay figure was snuffled (in secret) from the mantle piece, and whisked away to our workshop.

She needed to be 3D scanned into our computer. Luckily the clay replica was small enough to fit inside – as our scanner is specifically for jewellery, there is a size limit to what we can scan. 3D scanning is a brilliant tool to quickly copy an item, it is gently turned around inside the scanner and multiple images are taken. This creates a 3D replica inside the computer, which can be imported into CAD.

Louise then printed two copies in resin. This gent had a fixed budget to spend, and wanted to know what size of dog he could have cast for his money.

One 3D resin print showed the size of this dog cast in 9ct gold, and the other showed the size cast 18ct gold – the 9ct gold dog is larger. This is because 9ct gold is 37.5% pure gold, and 18ct gold is 75% pure gold – thus making it more expensive gram for gram. Pure gold is alloyed with metals such as brass, copper and silver to strengthen it and make it workable.

After being scanned, the computer file was worked on in CAD and then cast in solid 9ct gold! We used Lost Wax Casting to get an exact replica of this treasured pup, you can see her fur and facial details have come out really well! This ancient art of casting uses wax to create a mould of another object, it is an extremely precise way of replicating an item that already exists.

Her front feet were hallmarked and she was then given a gentle once-over with a wire brush to finish. This gives her fur a lovely texture, without making her shiny!

What an amazing present to celebrate 50 years of marriage!

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