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Stars Appeal Salisbury Hospital

Posted on 5 February 2024

We donate a % of the profits from our Personalised Range to the Stars Appeal – Salisbury District Hospitals Charity.

So far, we have raised £110!

Here is why –

Sam and I hadn’t met before March 2017, when we both had premature babies at Salisbury District Hospital, on the same day. 

We both had boys and both called them Edward! Our babies shared the same Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the first few weeks of their life. 

We both used the parents accommodation to stay with our babies on the ward, and the Internet to update our families on our babies progress.  Both of these facilities (and many others) are provided by the Stars Appeal charity. 

We are truly grateful for what this fantastic charity provides. 

Now, our boys are thriving six years olds who are both at primary school.  And of course, we are all the best of friends! 

Two years ago, in the run up to Christmas, my Edward was very poorly and back in Salisbury District Hospital again, fighting a bad bacterial skin infection. It was horrific. 

Thankfully, he has made a good recovery. But as I sat for days, watching endless films on the hospital wifi, I was very aware that I was using some of the facilities provided by the Stars Appeal, again. 

This has prompted me to help raise funds for this amazing charity. Sam and I have completed Walk for Wards, and attended the Rockbourne Fair in the past, but I feel it’s time for us to do more. 

I have pledged, on behalf of Honour Jewellery Limited, to give a % of our Personalised Range sales to the Stars Appeal. 

Let’s help Salisbury District Hospital keep parents with their premature or sick babies and children, in the NICU and Sarum Wards. 

Lou x 

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