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If it’s broken, we can repair it

Your ring has snapped, your chain has broken, your gemstone fell out: Don’t panic!

Our Goldsmiths specialise in jewellery repair and refurbishment. We can re-solder a join that has given way, or completely refurbish an antique piece that is still deeply loved, but worn out. Give your family heirlooms a new lease of life.

Re-sizing rings

Fingers change over time, rings are inherited and passed down to the next generation. We can ensure that your rings fit comfortably again. In our Design Studio, Louise can help remove rings that are too tight, and if necessary, safely cut them off. Your ring can then be resized to fit and enjoyed once more!

Repairing chains

Mark loves hand-making chain; he will sit and individually make each link, before welding them together. He is also the man to fix your broken chain! Sometimes a simple weld of a link means that you can wear it again.

Replacing and re-setting gemstones

Often family-favourite pieces lose gemstones; Louise can match cuts and colours of gemstones to those still set; or supply a selection for you to pick the one you like the best.

Our talented Stone Setters can hand set new stones into place; and if necessary, we can also rebuild the setting.

Re-tipping claws

The claws holding a stone in place can become bent, worn or break off completely. In our workshop we have a state-of-the-art welder and can replace claw tips whilst your diamond stays in place. It’s always better to re-tip a claw, than it is to replace a lost gemstone.

Refurbishing antique jewellery

Sometimes, a family heirloom needs a full refurb. Using our 3D scanner, we can scan the original worn out piece into CAD and rebuild it inside the computer. Then we can cast new precious metals and reset the original diamonds or gemstones into place; ensuring it’s good for the next generations.

Cleaning, polishing and plating

We can simply clean your jewellery and polish it like new, should you fancy a refresh. We offer gold-plating and rhodium-plating should you wish to change the colour of your precious metals.

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