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Make it personal to your family!

We have designed and handmade a range of gold and silver jewellery, with family in mind.

Each piece is personalised to you, or members of your family. This can be by laser engraving unique touches, with the addition of birthstones, hand-stamping names or initials, or bonding a family photo onto gold or silver.

Laser Engraving

This is our most popular way to personalise special pieces. Laser engraving is very precise and extremely versatile, it can be applied to many metals. Stuart is our engraving expert. He can laser engrave words, dates, symbols, patterns, handwriting, fingerprints, star maps, (you could say the possibilities are endless)…. Have a look at our Lasting Memories Collection, designed especially for laser engraving.

Family Names & Initials

Our clients love being able to personalise pieces with family initials or names, this adds a lovely personal touch to a present. Sam can hand stamp initials in our Design Studio for you. Hand stamping gives you a unique and organic look and feel to a piece. Have a look at our Starry Nights Collection.

Family Birthstones

Every calendar month has a birthstone or two associated with it, so a really lovely way to personalise a piece is to set it with your family birthstones. Our bracelets and necklaces are particularly popular, you can even choose the order that the birthstones are set in. Have a look at our Family Birthstones Collection.

Photo Pendants

Brand new technology allows us to bond a family photo onto gold or silver. The photo is protected by the highest grade enamel, is waterproof, scratch-proof, and can be worn every day. You can find our Photo Pendants here.

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Celebrating Pride Month

We’re giving away a unique Honour Jewellery silver bangle, this features the words PROUD TO BE OURSELVES and the Pride rainbow colours in resin, each one in a heart.

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