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Celebrate a journey; remember a loved one.

Keep them with you always. Celebrate a special journey; remember a family milestone; create a piece to honour your loved ones.

Personalise with laser engraving of fingerprints or handwriting, include ashes, hair, fur, flowers, sentimental materials or breast milk. Your precious inclusions stay in our Design Studio or Workshop and aren’t posted anywhere.

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial Jewellery is so personal, we can use any of our creation techniques to make your piece. We can CAD a bespoke piece and cast it in new metal, we can hand-make a piece from scratch – using new precious metals or your own family gold or silver. We can set your own sentimental gemstones into your piece, or supply new ones for you.

Every single piece is bespoke to you.

Sam works with many different precious inclusions; ashes, hair, fur, flowers, breast milk, sentimental materials such wedding dresses or collar cuts, feathers, lace, gravesite soil, pebbles and sand. She respectfully hand places each into resin; these can be hand poured into beads, or layered into jewellery with different colours and glitters, or left completely clear.

Louise can create special recesses within your gold, silver or platinum, place your precious inclusions inside and then weld a lid over the top – this means that you cannot see your inclusions as they are concealed within your metal. Come and talk with Louise about whats possible with your jewellery.

You can have your inclusions set underneath a gemstone, this could be a clear Rock Quartz, or similar, so you can see them underneath, or a coloured gemstone like a Black Onyx, so they are concealed inside and not visible.

All of our pieces can be laser engraved with fingerprints or special handwritten messages from your loved one.

Celebration Flowers

Flowers are often present at important life events, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a funeral. Sam can professionally dry your flower, and then hand cut heart confetti from the petals, these are hand poured into resin beads, or hand placed into resin in jewellery.

Breast Milk

Sam is an expert in preserving your breast milk; it takes a few weeks for this process to work, leaving your preserved milk in dried flakes, ready for grinding by hand into a powder and mixing with resin to create your bead or jewellery. This is a true celebration of your breast-feeding journey.

Photo Pendants

Louise can bond your family photos onto gold or silver sheet to create a pendant. This is then covered with the highest grade of enamel; it’s waterproof and scratch-proof and can be worn every day. You can have your photo surrounded by halo diamonds, and laser engraved on the back – with an enlarged fingerprint or special handwritten message.

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