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Traditional Goldsmithing, creating by hand

Hand making jewellery the old-fashioned way.
The true gems of our business are our Goldsmiths, using traditional methods to hand-craft unique and special pieces.

In our workshop we can hand-roll gold wedding bands, hand-make silver pendants or bangles, or hand-craft new platinum engagement rings.

Traditional Goldsmithing

Mark is our Head Goldsmith and Workshop Manager. He has over 25 years of experience and is exceptionally skilled at hand-making new jewellery, and reworking old gold. Having a piece entirely made by hand has a unique look and feel to it, adding to its specialness.

Wedding Bands

Every single one of our wedding bands is hand rolled from a continuous piece of precious metal, and finished by hand. This gives you the strongest profile, and the most luxurious feel when worn.

Sam has a large selection of chrome and brass samples in our Design Studio. These are different sizes, widths and profiles; she would be delighted to sit with you and help you select the perfect pair to be handmade in our workshop.

Melting gold or silver

Reworking your inherited sentimental family gold or silver into a new handmade piece is a true art form. It takes exceptional skill and craftsmanship to hand-form your creation from scratch.

We can melt sentimental precious metals in our crucibles and pour liquid gold into ingots; ready to be hand worked into a new creation. Steve is exceptionally good at this.

Settings for Gemstones

Paul is our Head Gemstone Setter; he has worked for jewellers in the West End of London, and works with incredible precision. How diamonds and gemstones are hand-set really adds to the finished look and feel of a piece.

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Celebrating Pride Month

We’re giving away a unique Honour Jewellery silver bangle, this features the words PROUD TO BE OURSELVES and the Pride rainbow colours in resin, each one in a heart.

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