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We specialise in reworking your gold into new jewellery.

Keep your gold in your family. Almost everyone has inherited gold or silver from a past loved one, or has old or broken jewellery that isn’t being worn.

You can have your wedding band hand-rolled from sentimental gold, that encapsulates generations of your family.
You could have a pendant or bangle handmade from silver that belonged to someone very special.

Reworking your family gold

You might have some old or broken jewellery sitting in a box somewhere, or perhaps you have inherited special sentimental pieces that you would love reworked into a design that you can wear every day and treasure.

Your gold is melted in one of our crucibles and poured into an ingot mould. When this happens it goes from being very hot to cold quickly, and becomes hard and tough to work with.

The process of annealing softens your gold; this is where your ingot is gently heated to a point called ‘cherry red’, the point just before it melts, and then it’s left to slowly cool in the air.

Resetting your diamonds and gemstones

We can reset sentimental diamonds and gemstones into new precious metal or family gold. It’s often the case that gemstone settings, in inherited jewellery, have worn thin over time. We can carefully remove your stones and either rebuild or refurbish the settings, or create a new piece for your gems to go into.

Hand-rolling wedding bands from family gold, inherited from past generations, is incredibly popular with our clients.

You can have your sentimental gemstones and diamonds set down into your family gold wedding band.

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