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Diamond Dilemma! Lab-Grown Versus Earth-Mined

Posted on 26 March 2024

Diamond is the birthstone for April, it is also a symbol of romance, engagement and everlasting love. Diamonds have historically been prized for their rarity, natural beauty, and durability, making them ideal for custom jewellery.

Today, we have a choice about how our diamonds are formed. We can choose between an earth-mined diamond or a lab-grown diamond. The finished gemstone (material) that you wear in your jewellery is exactly the same, it’s how your diamond was formed that is different.

We offer both to our customers and give them enough information to make an informed decision about what they would like.

The choice between earth-mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds depends on various factors:

  • Personal preferences
  • Ethical considerations
  • Environmental concerns
  • Budget

Here are some points to consider for both:

Earth-Mined Diamonds:

  1. Natural Beauty: Earth-mined diamonds are formed over millions of years deep within the Earth’s crust, which some people find appealing due to their natural origin and unique characteristics.
  2. Traditional Value: Many people associate earth-mined diamonds with tradition and value, considering them as timeless symbols of love and commitment.
  3. Market Value: Earth-mined diamonds typically retain their market value over time and may even appreciate depending on market conditions and factors such as rarity and demand.
  4. Ethical Concerns: However, there are some ethical concerns associated with the mining of diamonds, we only supply conflict-free earth-mined diamonds that have been certified by The Kimberly Process.

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

  1. Ethical and Environmental Considerations: Lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments using advanced technological processes, which often results in fewer ethical and environmental concerns compared to traditional mining practices.
  2. Cost: Lab-grown diamonds can be more affordable compared to their earth-mined counterparts, offering consumers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.
  3. Customisation: Lab-grown diamonds can be produced with specific characteristics, allowing for customisation according to preferences such as size, shape, and colour.
  4. Quality Control: Since lab-grown diamonds are produced under controlled conditions, they often have fewer inclusions and imperfections compared to earth-mined diamonds, resulting in stones of higher clarity and quality.

Ultimately, the choice between earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds is subjective and depends on an individual’s priorities and values.

Some may prioritise the natural origin and traditional value of earth-mined diamonds, while others may prefer the ethical and environmental benefits, as well as the affordability and customisation options offered by lab-grown diamonds.

Come and talk with Louise about both options, she can help you to make an informed decision about youe next diamond purchase. Email her to start a conversation, or come and see her in our Shaftesbury Design Studio for a consultation.

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