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Casting, with sentimental gold or new

Casting is a highly skilled craft. In our workshop we use traditional Lost Wax Casting techniques, with either new or recycled precious metals, or with your own family gold or silver.

This means that you can have your special piece made from your own sentimental gold. Casting follows on from 3D printing your wax from your CAD design, that you have already seen and approved.

Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting is one of the oldest methods of making jewellery. There are different steps to this process, starting with either hand carving, or 3D printing a wax from which to cast. Each wax model is attached to a ‘tree’ by creating a wax ‘branch’ or spruce.

The wax ‘tree’ is encased in a substance called investment and left to dry out for at least 24 hours (it’s similar to plaster of paris). The investment is heated, and the wax runs out of a small hole in the bottom – creating a mould inside of the investment.

Gold, silver or platinum is then melted and quickly ‘thrown’ into the investment mould; it’s then spun, allowing centrifugal force to flood the space inside with molten metal. The metal needs to go in quickly, and the air needs to come out quickly.

The investment is now very hot, it’s plunged into cold water, the investment can’t cope with this temperature change, and it bubbles away, leaving your metal ‘tree’ standing proud.

Your cast piece is now ready for assembling, cleaning up and polishing.

Using 3D prints for casting

Once you have viewed your CAD images, tried on your 3D resin print (grey version) , and are ready to proceed, a wax is 3D-printed from your computer file (purple version).

This gives us complete control over how your finished piece will look, and gives you total peace of mind.

In-house casting

Mark is exceptionally skilled at casting. He is able to cast single or multiple pieces from your own family gold or silver. This process is ideal for family signet rings, or multiple family pieces that are the same.

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