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Designing your own jewellery

You are an individual, looking for something different.
A piece of jewellery that is as unique as you are, or your special someone.

We use state-of-the-art CAD software to bring your ideas to life, 3D printing of your resin model shows you exactly what your design looks like, before any precious metals are cast. Giving you complete peace of mind.

Using CAD for bespoke design

After your Design Consultation, Louise creates a 3D digital model of your ideas. This allows her to produce photo-realistic images of what your piece will eventually look like.

From this computer file, she can 3D print a resin copy (grey) for you to view and try on. This ensures you are happy with all aspects of your design, before any precious metal work takes place.

Once your design is agreed, a purple wax is 3D printed, and you gold, silver or platinum cast is exactly the same! If you are ready to get started, please order your CAD Design.

Photo-realistic CAD Images

Using CAD allows changes to be easily made during the design phase. For example, making alterations to settings and heights of gemstones is all done inside the computer, then new images are supplied for you to review. It’s OK to change your mind once you have seen your first CAD design.

State-of-the-art Techniques

Our 3D scanner allows us to scan gemstones and import the exact sizes directly into CAD. From here, we can create settings that will fit perfectly. Once you have viewed and tried on your resin copy, we can cast your precious metals. This can be from your own family gold, or new metal, or recycled metal that we supply. We use Lost Wax Casting, and start by 3D printing a wax from your CAD file. This is exactly the same as the images and resin print you will have already seen.

3D printed resin copy

Looking at an image on a computer screen or phone is one thing, but being able to try on your resin print (in real life) and wear it, is something special! This gives you complete peace of mind, and alterations can still be made at this stage if necessary. Some of our clients wear their resin version for a week or so, ensuring that they are completely with all aspects of it, before we cast it in precious metal.

Are you ready to get started?

Order your CAD design and book a consultation with Louise, either in person at our Shaftesbury Design Studio, or as a telephone or video call.

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